Fire Damage Repairs Services

Fire Damage Repairs Services
We help you put your life back in order

Are you recovering from a fire- or smoke-related disaster?

At some time in their lives, most people suffer problems such as:

Structural damage from fire

Water damage from fire sprinklers

Smoke damage to home, business or property

We specialize in

Odor Control

Thermal Fogging


Emergency Board Ups

The longer that you wait before you neutralize the damage, start controlling corrosion and clean up the damaged areas, the greater the damage will be with all its associated costs. escalate the longer neutralization, corrosion control and cleaning is delayed. When homeowners prolong the restoration of their home, they extend the effects brought on by the smoke exposure.

After a few minutes

Porous materials like marble will permanently become discolored.

After a few hours

Grout in tiled areas like bathrooms and kitchens becomes stained. Metals start to tarnish. Finishes start to turn yellow as acid eats through protective coatings.

After a few days

Walls are stained beyond the capacity to clean them. Metal becomes irrevocably corroded. Wood varnish is eaten away and requires refinishing. Vinyl floors are too pitted to use and must be replaced.

Find out now what your insurance policy covers. You will be better estimate the costs once you understanding how different disasters, like fire smoke and water, damage your property. Talk to an expert at Sutro Fire Restoration to bring back what you’ve lost and make your property as good as, or better than, before.

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