Sutro offers board ups

Emergency Board Ups

After the disaster is over, there is danger that is still present. Because homes and buildings that suffered structural damage in a fire or other natural disasters have to be abandoned, sadly this sets up these sites to become targets of additional crime or vandalism. In dealing with insurance companies after a fire, property owners are responsible for keep vandals out of burnt home until repairs can be begun or at least until insurance adjusters can at least make a determination based on pre-loss conditions. Boarding up of burnt buildings also keeps out transients and any inherent risks that they bring.

Most people that have suffered a catastrophic loss like this do not have the materials, training and time to adequately board up the damage site. If a storm was responsible, boarding and covering prevents more storm damage from creating a second disaster.

Unfortunately, long-term boarding and coverage becomes necessary as well, in the case of property that has become uninhabitable or foreclosed.

Protect your investment and start rebuilding your life with boarding and coverage from Sutro Fire Restoration. Get a quote or get help today.

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