Odor Control

Odor Control

Masking smells with air fresheners and perfumes never works. Buildings and homes with persistent odor problems may be causing allergic reactions or illnesses. Business owners have a responsibility to keep their customers safe and home owners will see their lives improve dramatically by cleaning out the source of odors.

The most common causes of persistent odors in walls or carpets are mold and similar contaminants, urine stains from pets, ground in dirt, untreated problems related to moisture. Normal cleaning procedures cannot eliminate all of these long term odor-causing sources.

Particularly, areas affected by urine from common pets cannot just be cleaned up – they must be deodorized or they will continue to cause allergic reactions that grow worse over time.

When it comes to elimination of the musty smells that arise from a constant source of moisture or high humidity, something that San Francisco’s residents are all too familiar with, specialized drying equipment is needed on more than one occasion.

Disastrous events like fires or smoke hazards create very unique odor removal problems depending on the materials involved, the length of exposure to the danger and the amount of time that has passed before the restoration.

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After completely eliminating the source of the odor, all surfaces and objects within the space must be cleaned properly, including sensitive electronic equipment. Counteractants can be used on some types of materials to replace the odor-causing substance at a porous level. Finally, surfaces, rugs and other objects within the space need to be sealed as much as possible to trap other odors and prevent recurrence.

All this requires finely tuned odor detection technology, a great deal of first-hand experience in various situations, and the right odor removal solutions.

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